Face in Palms: I have a confession

I have been staring at my screen for some time now wondering what bits of my closet I should take out to the sun and not shoot myself later for having done that but I also know I committed myself to this challenge till the last day and that’s the problem, I have to keep going.

It is the 10th day of #UgBlogMonth challenge and my task is to share a confession. I am glad it is singular.

I am afraid of heights.

When I was deep in the hills where I grew up from and lived till high school level, these things did not exist. I used to run up and downhill countless times in a day and it was all fun, if one had to go to the town center all you needed was a bicycle or even walk, life was okay besides what would a kid be doing in town anyway, it took years and then one day, Kampala city happened!

Some buildings have escalators, stairs and elevators to access different levels. I will check that there is neither an elevator nor stairs before stepping onto that escalator, this thing freaks me out!!

I have had the privilege to step out of the country a few times and the escalator was the fastest and only way to move around some areas, after silently pumping my brain with courage I stepped on and didn’t pass out both to and fro. I will however still choose stairs or the elevator any day.

Cable carWhile in Geneva, I needed to check out Mont-Saleve and the easiest way up the mountain is by a cable car. I was going to be suspended on a cable in space. Between fear and fun, I chose fun. I was proud of myself!

I know it is a mind thing from these attempts and on my bucket list is bungee jumping and zip-lining just to shock my system.

There you go, tomorrow I  will write about something I miss.

I am the Sparrow.

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