My Top Seven Favorite Blogs

The 21 day #UgBlogMonth challenge enters day 9 today and I will be sharing my favorite blogs with you. I follow quite a number of people for different reasons but here are my seven favorite ones in no particular order;


The first time I read copywriter‘ on my contract, my brain went like, Dad might finally be proud I am putting my law school to use- oops.! To-date, when I tell someone that I am a copywriter, they cheer me on for having pursued my legal career and I smile and let it be- it’s encouraging.

Thankfully, it was  mandatory to take a short course in copywriting which I did and Nicole was one of the recommended ‘tutors’.

I found her material easy to grasp and enjoyable and I have since been a follower besides, apart from copywriting she has general information about writing and digital marketing.


This I would recommend for any first time mother. When I got heavy with ‘seed’, I had no clue what or where to start from. You have had a first time at things before, right? So this was me then, a friend introduced me to baby center and I could now qualify as a specialist out of their expertise. From pregnancy, birth and now toddler level, I still get weekly writings of what to expect/do at each stage.

It came in handy like a full complete package.


It is such a blessing to  have met and interacted with Edwin while in Kenya. I am still struggling to follow his kind of schedule of reading and writing despite it’s simplicity. My writing is also regular now (it was really bad) and daily striving for better because of his counsel.

You will definitely love his writings. Here is one of my favorite pieces of his, ,Mali the Free Slave.


This one has been especially helpful in this lock-down. She is a certified Fitness Trainer and if you have been finding it hard to keep in shape at home, she shares simple and easy to follow illustrations that you can freely download and follow, at your convenience.

I am working out 4 times a week following the same guide.  Check her out on Facebook


I really love cooking and trying out new things in the kitchen. My then aimless social media scrolling landed me on this page and I have never looked back. I had never made mandazi (half-cakes) before, then I got his recipe and I am now considering adding ‘Madanzi Making Consultancy to my CV after two attempts.

His recipes have elevated my status among my siblings, they think I am an Angel sent from heaven at such a time as this- thou shall not tell! Check him out on YouTube


I am a Jesus lover and so this is one of the sites that has articles I find insightful. They write about real life issues- love, pain, living, death etc and I learn a thing or two all the time. Christians tend to believe that having Jesus will automatically set them on a smooth path free of struggles, trials, unanswered questions and other things we experience as human beings which is wrong.

He only promises to be with us not the absence of trials and tribulations. Check out their articles here.


Have you ever met someone who dances to their own tune and has fun, you just did. I am still a work in progress but when I read through my first blogs, some of which I have erased out of embarrassment and the current ones, I want to follow me twice…

Thanks for reading my blogs, I am also a big fan.

Tomorrow is another topic, stay tuned to the Sparrow’s chirping.


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