Throwback To Last Christmas…


Previously on Blogmas, a blog a day till Christmas.

I had to travel out of town so, between mom-ing and unstable network, this is a three in one blog because a Lannister always pays her debts, and the North remembers. Let’s start with Day 4;

The prompts ask that we write something about last Christmas, a throwback.

All the other ‘Christmases’ have found me home with my parents and siblings save for one that found me in Kigali-Rwanda on a work project. It is always a full house with my siblings and lots of laughter and excess food.

It starts with waking up at 6 AM and going to church with Dad, we all dread this early morning thing but oh well! After mass, we wait for an hour while Dad is greeting everyone and if we are unlucky he finds us in our hiding place and introduces us to thousands of people who we forget as soon as the next one is mentioned

Next is taking photographs as a must ad waiting for them to be processed then finally take hunger home to fries and some meat and the cooking begins, lunch is always at 3/4 PM! After this the house goes quiet, everyone puts their tummy to rest.

Last Christmas however was different and looks like it marked the start of different…

I got married in November 2020 and my parents’ in law take this family thing so seriously, it is a lesson to learn.

We do Sunday family lunches at their house unless you must miss, this in a way creates bonding and keeps the family knit.

Christmas is a family getaway too.

Last Christmas found us at Mestil Hotel and Residences.

Given the circumstances, I was so aware of myself, uptight, and felt like all eyes were on me- mind games. My husband and dear sister in love were my hiding place lol.

When I was not being shy and glued to one place and not talking unless talked to, I was jumping on the bed back in the hotel room with Mackayla and giggling ourselves silly while my dear husband captured the moments because he is too cool for us.

I don’t think I will outgrow this jumping on the bed anytime soon. Anytime I am in my element behind closed doors, I will be holding two little hands soon to be four and we will bouncing up and down and giggling and going round and round!

This is my fondest memory.

I also remember that Christmas morning we gathered as a family to pray and shared something about oil pouring down on some ‘Bible guy’s face from the head down to the beard and all the way down.

We were asked what we each thought of that image and later agreed that it meant the flow of blessings.

When one of us is blessed that oil flows down to everybody so we should work together and rejoice and pray for each other’s success because we are one!

I don’t remember what passage this was but I remember it was such a beautiful moment and the message.


This was meant for yesterday, and we were to write about a Never Have I Ever so let’s see how much of me I reveal below but first this is how it is played.

How to Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ Game (Rules)

The rules of Never Have I Ever are simple: Players take turns listing potential experiences they’ve never had.

If someone has done the action in question, they take a shot or a sip (or whatever other consequence you dream up).

If no one has done the action in question, the person who posed the query takes a drink.

So let’s drink up, shall we? We are assuming you are asking and I am answering the questions;

  • Never have I ever smoked a joint: *My shot*
  • Never have I ever donated an organ: *Your shot*
  •  Never have I ever lied to a law enforcement officer: *My shot* (I lied three days back, my driving permit expired when the traffic officer stopped me I used my child and felt terrible after it…yikes!)
  •  Never have I ever learned a foreign language: *My shot*-French
  • Never have I ever fallen asleep at work: *My shot*
  • Never have I ever cheated on a test: *My shot*– (kasasi days in secondary school)
  • Never have I ever faked sick from work: *My shot*
  • Never have I ever drunk-dialed my ex: hahahaha *Your Shot*
  • Never have I ever traveled to a foreign country: *My shot*
  • Never have I ever peed in a pool: *Your shot*

Now that is a lot of shots let me get out of here.


Now finally onto today’s prompt!

I am not good with movie titles but I love watching movies. Somehow characters and titles escape my brain but I know Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Gabriella mama Kaavia lol, and The Rock whose name is not The Rock oh and that other guy, the comedy one…Hurt, Heart, Hart, Hat? One of those Ha’s with a T at the end.

Thankfully my husband is gifted with a memory for the two of us.

I just need to say: “Babe, what’s this movie where the guy shot the thingie of the thingie on the streets? We watched it when it had threatened to rain and also we had ordered pizza from this new place and got disappointed cos it was basic...”

Him without strife: Princess Switch.

These are my benefits I guess.

Okay so these are movies he recommends to make you feel Christmasy especially the last one…*facepalm*

No spoilers for you but they are absolutely worth your curiosity. Let me know what you think of any if you have watched.

And lastly, Spiderman. I think he meant all of them? Maybe the one with Peter? Do you know Peter? He is in one of those Spider things. All the best finding it, it should be fun.

Catch you in #DAY7

I am the Sparrow.

9 thoughts on “Throwback To Last Christmas…

    1. Hahahahah meeyn does anyone ever take all that in ago and stay sane?😆😆😆.

      I know you will love the movies especially Love Hard 💫🥰

      Thanks Connie dear🤗, truly appreciate.


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