Of Bomblasts And Some Chirping On-Resistance


Another Tuesday dusks on us. Today I am more than thankful to still be above ground as well as my whole family and friends.

I get a chance to check/catch up with my social media around 10am. This time my blooming toddler and powerhouse has had her second breakfast, Ava the second is having her first nap and mom is somewhere around there but okay.

I check the first status update and it is not revealing much but just a crying emoji and hands lifted to the heavens, the second has our flag. At this time I realize something is terribly wrong…

Did the covid19 vaccine finally turn its users into zombies as the joke on the streets? I wonder. I mean this is the closest suspect right?

Only to check the news;

” Three attackers on motorbikes blew themselves up near parliament and the city’s police headquarters. The number of dead is likely to rise, with the blasts leaving body parts strewn in the streets. Officials blamed the attacks on the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an armed group based in the DR Congo…”


Read more via Daily Monitor a local newspaper, and or BBC News.

What a day!

My heart goes out to those who have lost their loved ones, those whose businesses have been shattered, the wounded, and those who will have to struggle with this traumatic experience for some time or even life as survivors. May the good Lord have mercy and grace you!

May God have mercy on my motherland and heal us.

Maybe this evening’s rain was a reminder that he indeed is Emmanuel. That he is God and that he is with us especially today!!

They say you can forget many things while doing people but the one thing you can never forget is how a person made you feel at a certain time. It is these moments that stay with us.

As people called, texted, and rushed to check up on each other, the recipients felt loved, seen, cherished, cared for, and all these emotions at that moment.

This is my finding after reading the status updates of a certain percentage of my contacts after today’s bomb blasts which also introduces today’s chirping from the Sparrow: Defining Resistance.

I have not blogged the last two Tuesdays very sorry about that. My toddler mistook my laptop for a ball and bounced it high! We both know what followed…

I was reading Mathew Kelly’s book ‘Resisting Happiness’, and oh boy! Some books just wreck you for good. I was glad my book club shared it, especially in this period.

The very first page came off as an attack on me. It was a Saturday morning, 6am to be exact and I had woken up but was feeling lazy to wake up wake up like getting out of bed. My eyes were not closing either so I figured I might as well just start on this new book as my body does its thing.

This is what the first page reads and it also describes resistance this time not in a political way given the circumstances or as I easily round off. Maybe it is because of the President’s party- National Resistance Army…before I go on and lose you in my thoughts;

I did not go past that page, that was a lashing! I got out of bed and went straight for my morning walk…

These are my last highlights from the book;

And the last screenshot is just for laughs maybe because I see myself somewhere in the mentioned distractions. My husband’s toilet paper will be spooling out of the bottom of the roll but mine will be at the top.

We watched a movie where a couple had that same argument and the guy asked a toilet-paper-professional working in a high-end hotel which position was the correct one. He said bottom…

Mine still spools out at the top.

Closing Remarks

I finally wrestled with Canva and worked out some two posters worthy of my learner’s eyes for this blog after close to two years of, this thing just failed me! Ref’s scoreboard

TheSparrow: 1

Resistance: 0

I am encouraged to push this charity deeper, strive to be the best I can be, and fight to delay self-gratification just so I can have better habits and discipline and be more intentional about my spiritual growth because ultimately it is the only place we find fulfillment.

“Things that we cannot name tend to build in mystery and become dangerous. Simply naming, defining, and learning to recognize resistance in the moments of our days causes it to lose most of its power over us. It is no longer a mystery because we have named it.”

― Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

What kind of resistance do you struggle with? Can you name it? I would love to read from you.

Next Tuesday we talk about birth order and its effect on your personality and relationships.

Till then,


10 thoughts on “Of Bomblasts And Some Chirping On-Resistance

  1. Our hearts go to those who lost their loved ones. When I saw some of the articles on social media I was shattered.

    Defining resistance…mmm
    I’m more intentional about my prayer life and spiritual being. I think I’ve been giving so much attention to many things and I neglected my spiritual being. Intentionality is the key to being resistant no matter the odds.

    Nice one on canvas. The pictures don’t look like it’s your first time. Ever since I was introduced to the app, I never looked back. The images look more professional as I do not have a camera as yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Shazzy, I hear you on being intentional. This book actually challenges us to find a coach and listen to that coach which would translate into spiritual parents I think…I am blessed to have one that guides me every step.

      Now let me add Canva professional to my CV😆😆😆. Thanks again sis💛💛

      Liked by 1 person

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