What True Happiness Looks Like Here


A new Tuesday dawns…thankful to be above the ground writing you this blog. How is your heart doing lately? Have you checked in with you? Please do. Your mental health is very important 🙂

So I told you about a campaign I was running to raise money to clothe 3 abandoned siblings here. Today I am extremely happy, humbled, proud, excited and a whole lot of mixed emotions…to tell you that it was such a huge success!

My heart is grateful to God for the grace and courage to push through but mostly for each coin that came through, that can only be his doing. We delivered the early Christmas package to them over the weekend and what we saw experienced, words may never articulately express. What a joy!

The campaign flyer. Please note that this is now closed. The image is attached solely for referencing purpose

This is a whole photo dump of raw pictures taken with a phone camera to share those priceless moments with you. There is no greater joy than this right here!

I was told the gentle man went hooting, hooraying, shouting and singing with his children on the motor cycle without care of the freezing weather even when the kids had no sweaters to keep them warm.

What mattered was that it was now all over. They finally got other clothes to change into, each got a sweater, bedsheets to sleep in instead of their father’s jackets and blankies to top it all plus lots of food to last them some good time.

You know what’s more, the father had been depositing UGX 7,000 each day on a television he wanted to buy the kids so they could stop wandering off in the neighborhood. This particular day we found him very sad because he had not saved up enough to deposit at the shop little did he know what God had in store for him.

See all this was a surprise he had no idea we were fundraising for them.

He leaped up for joy, grabbed his kids and together they danced in a circle praising God, reminiscing of what had suddenly become their past.

Whatever balance remained from the shopping we gave him and they all agreed to top up and buy that TV!

When David danced, he had no care who was looking and he was called mad. The Samaritan woman did the same after encountering Jesus at the well, she went running all the way telling whoever cared to listen about her savior.

I was reminded of these when I saw this family celebrating. It is only them that knew what God had done for them. When bystanders saw them, they shook their heads in disbelief at such a reckless rider wondering if he wouldn’t throw the kids down!

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your lunch with us, look what the Lord has done with your 20k! You are blessed.

With much gratitude,

Sparrow’s Nook Foundation.

Till next Tuesday,

I am the Sparrow.

15 thoughts on “What True Happiness Looks Like Here

  1. This is truly inspirational, keep doing what you do Joy. The sky is barely the limit. Flowers to you unicorn 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

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