Why you should not simply dream but instead be fully awake to yourself


Welcome to this Tuesday’s chirping with the sparrow.

Today I am feeling very excited and sooo proud of myself! I did a leadership course last year and one of the tasks was to write a letter to my future self 10 years from then on the things I dream or hope to have achieved.

I have long dreamt of setting up an NGO to take as many kids as possible to school and shelter the homeless, feed poor families and empower women and the girl child. Two years back I woke up with the morale and said this is it am doing this!

The hype led me to booking a name and that’s where the battery died from, lol. This time round I decided to push through the whole back and forth process of registration and voila!

I am sure anyone who has hyped themselves on starting anything can relate.

Even promising yourself to work out or watch your diet etc. and after two days you just lose gas, that was me and is still me in other areas sometimes.

Today, I am happy to announce the official birth of SPARROW’S NOOK FOUNDATION!!!

Maybe if I had gone ahead with the process then, the questions wouldn’t have silently come in while I was running these two campaigns (#Donate20k & #Feed50Families. If you missed the mentioned campaigns details no worries. You may check them out here and here.)

I know that I am better equipped now than I was two years ago and in a way, I am grateful it has happened now. Maybe this was the right time to birth it…thinking out loud.

Faith is what you do about what you believe so this is me doing!

There is a proverb that says morning is when you wake up! I pray you wake up too on whatever it is you are sleeping on yet your heart burns deeply for.

I am reading Bob Goff’s book, ‘Dream Big‘. I share some wisdom from him today. You should check it out too, so much learning and unlearning to do.

“It is not about simply having dreams. Dreams are too easy. Even my dog wags its tail when it’s asleep. I want you to become fully awake to yourself and your God-given purposes.”

Bob Goff

He continues,

“All this requires developing a new way of thinking. To do this you’re going to need to carve a new groove in your brain so you can get after your ambitions rather than just push them around on the plate like a bunch of peas. Carving anew groove in your brain is like blowing up a balloon. A big balloon. Sometimes your head starts spinning after a while when you think about your ambitions. Take some breaks. Rest is holy. Get as much as you need, but know when it’s time to be fully awake and get back to work. Doing this is going to take some effort, but hey, do it anyway.”

Dream Big

Let’s keep doing the difficult things, afraid!

Images above courtesy of Pexels,Google and Pixabay.

It is 23 hrs. as I type this, I have been trying to get this blog done since 14 hrs. but between breast feeding, chasing a toddler around, coordinating this and that, I am grateful for some 5 minutes of peace and quiet to myself while everyone is finally asleep.

Tonight I write to the Joy in 2020 to inform her that we did it!

My heart is bursting with pride for hitting a milestone and looking back at the over 80 families fed, the 2 kids I am already paying fees for, the 3 abandoned siblings we are yet to surprise with plenty of clothing this weekend, the teenager who was raped and gave birth safely…the other stories and people helped that I might never get to hear and meet respectively…I can only imagine what we will do with this as the Lord graces.

Thank you for partnering with me and being so generous and aiding the success of these stories. May the Lord bless you much much!

My hearty gratitude also goes to Jesus for trusting me with these beautiful stories, may I never take this for granted and may you have this my bread, all of me and feed whoever you want to feed, amen!

I am proud of you Joy!

Till next Tuesday,

I am the Sparrow, Founder of Sparrow’s Nook Foundation. I write to remember.

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