I had planned and hoped that you would be reading this yesterday which would have been tomorrow from my corner but you know what they say about planning…God always has the last stamp.

So the baby was expected on 20th/21st August but she came on 13th instead. I remember having a conversation of sorts with her before it all started but what can you do about dreams or if you feel like you are dreaming when in actual sense the things are happening to you in real time?!

She said she was coming 3 minutes earlier…next my water broke and the rest is a story I will tell you when settled.

Amidst the very heavy morning rains on a Friday, our little bundle of life arrived just like her name, AVA!!

I am photo dumping here just to let you know that I will be taking a month’s break to charge up but also be present for each moment of my now lest I miss out on what matters most eventually.

Bonus, I love nature and the country side feels so I am going to soak it all up in and get back to tell you more stories from here as the Lord wills and guides.

You may take a walk through my old blogs for now and let me know what you think 🙂 🙂

Until then,

I am the Sparrow.


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