Latest Discovery: Deuterocanonical Books


It is another Tuesday above the ground thank God for life! It also doubles as Eid! Normally I would be out and about being nice to my Muslim friends so they can give me some ‘pilau’ or that rice they make if you wish.

This was the norm for the last previous years but being in lockdown, my husband and I instead started off the day making calls to our favorite restaurants and even called Javas, they had no pilao. Can you believe them?!

I can cook my own but today was not the day lol. Long story short, he ended up eating his latest delicacy, a whole smoked fish. I on the other hand had steamed vegetables. On a bright side, I know my body appreciates my sacrifice.

Enough about my day, I learnt a new term. Deuterocanonical, using it makes me feel important just don’t ask me to pronounce it yet. Since morning it was ‘agronomical‘ even though it just sounded wrong in my head, like something to do with agriculture. *Insert hearty laughing emojis here*.

That blue bible below was given to me by my parents on my giveaway (traditional wedding ceremony) and mom specifically told me that she knows I love reading the Bible and that I should read it and follow it. It is a catholic Bible.

Not so many months later, the boss toddler of the house decided it is hers.

She loves the images and when I am highlighting my KJV she is highlighting her ‘blue baabo‘ and prefers this for devotion time even though she has her own ‘baby Bible’.

On Sunday night while reading this her blue baabo I landed on a book I had never seen before, Sirach. If you have read the Good news Bible you know the English is very simple and plain. It is the same for this one and I found myself going on and on like flipping through the pages of a good book.

The next morning I was sharing the new discovery with my husband and asked him if he knew about the books. He just said, “Aah, you mean the deuterocanonical books?” Me: “Detrowhat? “

This explains my calling it agroconomical, he is my go to for these kinds of things. How does one have such on their fingertips and I can’t even pronounce the damn word!

Anyways, looking up that ‘agro‘ word, I found some good info via Catholic Answers Site. I learnt that Sirach which is sometimes called Ecclesiasticus is one of the seven books that were removed from some versions of the Bible.

These seven books are; Tobias, Judith, Baruch, Ecclesiasticus, Wisdom, First and Second Machabees; also certain additions to Esther and Daniel. Catholics refer to them as the deuterocanonical books.

They are placed in the Old Testament of Catholic Bibles but may be found between the Old and New Testaments in some translations.

Nuggets I wrote down for my reference

Rating: 5 out of 5.

More people have died as a result of loose talk than were ever killed by swords. Count yourself lucky if you have been spared the experience of having irresponsible talk direct against you- if you have never had that iron yoke around your neck or those heady chains on your legs.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wounds can be bandaged and insults can be forgiven but if you betray a confidence, it is helpless.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Don’t stick out your hand to get something if you’re going to be tight fisted when the time comes to pay it back.

You can blow on a spark to make it glow or you can spit on it to put it out. Either way you do it with your mouth.

Sirach Quotes

Which is your favorite quote or line from the screenshots?

Till next Tuesday,

I am the Sparrow.

10 thoughts on “Latest Discovery: Deuterocanonical Books

  1. “You can blow on a spark to make it glow or you can spit on it to put it out. Either way you do it with your mouth.” Is my favorite.
    Those “agro” books, I learnt about them in 2016. And couldn’t believe they were actually there.

    – The Boss Toddler got u learning something new. 😂

    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 9. Although he will not let his daughter know it, a father will lie awake in the night worrying about her.

    Is my favorite…

    I knew those books from my catechism classes as I was pursuing my nunnery career that died a natural death

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Khanani, I have been trying to find out why exactly they were removed from other Bibles. I find them really good just like the proverbs, Ecclesiastes etc


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