She beeped me at 9pm a week after the lockdown was initiated. I called back as soon as I could and she was crying. She is a fish vendor, wakes up early and goes to the landing site buys the fish which she then vends around the area all day. Her transport to and from the site by taxi is UGX 12,000.

Taxis were stopped from operating so for two days she had been walking to and fro only to make few or no sells at all. She has a toddler who she would leave with a neighbor and daily pay UGX,2000 to look after him while she was gone.

This day she had nothing to leave behind and the woman said she too was having problems of her own so she couldn’t help.

This woman asks me what she is going to do, she has nothing to feed the child who won’t stop crying of hunger, she is hungry too…normally ‘God will help you, pray and trust’ would be a solution (or so we like to assume) but how do you say such to this person at this time?

There is no hope at all. I sent her the little I had but days later, she would beep again and apologize because she had no one else to turn to, the land lord had been demanding rent arrears of 3 months and he wasn’t taking any excuses.

She cleared 2 months (UGX 60,000) and was down again! There are many stories like these out there, right next to you. We can’t help everyone but we can help some.

On Sunday, I watched a sermon that left me wondering if I am doing all I can with whatever I have been given or if I am just sitting by wishing things and praying things away just like every one else.

You know it is easy to say I don’t have enough either, I am not like so and so or if this happened then I would do ABC…

Suddenly I was reminded that all God needs from me is my enough, the little I have he can use to make so much more as long as I show up.

This is inspired by Mathew 14 where Jesus fed 5000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and two fish.

The story was explained in a way I had never thought of and doubt I will ever forget. Take some time and watch it yourself here

This #Feed50FamiliesCampaign is where I am starting. My lunch is not enough to feed all these families but I am showing up regardless and hoping it will make a difference in these peoples’ lives.

There was/is a saying on the streets that ‘tusaba government etuyambe‘ (we ask the government to come to our rescue) but from the look of things, this remains a fantasy. Maybe some day we will have proper functioning systems and then just maybe then, we can start to trust that it will come to our rescue.

Uganda’s Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja launched the distribution of COVID-19 relief funds to vulnerable citizens as the country remains under lockdown in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

Nabbanja said the money will be sent to beneficiaries through mobile money services and each individual was expected to receive UGX, 100,000. Read more here

I am not biased at all but this is what the response to this initiative on twitter looks like for some people;

As we wait for that relief aid, I am partnering with two friends to raise UGX 3mln to aid in buying dry food items (grain) to give to single mother led families and other vulnerable ones affected by the lockdown.

We figured if each family could get 5kgs each of sugar, posho, rice, beans and 2 bars of soap. It might push them for at least some good say 2 weeks or a month.

The breakdown is on the purple flyer in this blog.

You too may share your lunch with us, together we can make one huge feast for these families.

You may join the #Feed50FamiliesCampaign by sending any contribution to 0789 681 128 | 0700 275 655 both registered under Josephine Ndagano. The code is +256

Alternatively you may reach me via email for more details at:

Thank you so much.

Till next Tuesday,

I am the Sparrow.



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