Once upon a time, there was a very small clever animal called Ichuli. He liked meat but he was too weak to kill any animal for food. He therefore was always hungry. One day, he sat down and thought of a trick.

At last he knew how he could get some meat. Ichuli knew that there was a hyena who lived far away. He planned to ask Mr. Hyena to help him get some meat.

He had to walk a long, long way through a very dark forest. He was afraid that some animals might see him and want to eat him so he walked slowly and kept looking around carefully before coming across any open land.

He was very frightened. He saw many animals along the way. He wanted to catch some of them and kill them for a good meal. But he remembered that he was so small and weak that he could not kill any of those animals.

He knew that Mr. Hyena would help him get some very good meat to eat. He began to hurry through the forest to Mr. Hyena’s house. When he arrived there he said, “Mr. Hyena, I want to get some meat today. Will you help me?”

Mr. Hyena answered, “That’s a good idea! I want to get some meat today too, how can I help you?”

Ichuli was very pleased. He moved nearer to Mr. Hyena and said, “There are many animals on this mountain. If we go up there now, we might kill one. Let’s go up and see what we can find.”

Ichuli, who knew the way walked in front. Suddenly he stopped and said, “This is where the animals pass when they come down. Now stay here and I will go up to chase them down.” said Ichuli

“But you must listen and be very careful. If you hear a stone falling you will know that the stone was kicked by an animal. Move quickly to the side. If you hear a cracking sound, you will know that an animal is coming. Turn to your left towards it and stand in the way to stop it. Do you understand?”

Mr. Hyena said that he understood. Ichuli then climbed up the mountain. He pushed down a very big stone which made a rumbling sound. Mr. Hyena heard the stone falling and moved quickly to the side.

Ichuli broke some sticks to make a cracking sound then threw down a small stone very hard. Mr. Hyena stood in the way and turned left towards it. The stone hit his head so hard that he fell and died!

Ichuli ran down the mountain asking “Mr. Hyena, where are you? Where is the animal? Have you killed it?” but Mr. Hyena could not answer.

He was already dead. “Foolish hyena doesn’t know clever tricks.” Ichuli said proudly.

He then carried the dead hyena to his house and ate him.

And just like that, we have come to the end of the #WinterABC21 story telling festival. It has been an awesome time interacting with all bloggers taking part in the story telling but mostly I am grateful for the community.

We resume regular programming next week with a blog every Tuesday so drop by!

Thank you for being here.

I am the Sparrow.

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