How To Build Quality Links To Boost Your SEO



Do you feel contented with the content you have created? Are you are sure it answers peoples’ questions and search engines will find it perfect? This, is a job well done but unfortunately, these are not the qualities that will get your content ranking among the top best. You lack authority!

The only way to establish authority is by having backlinks from other websites with authority, developing your brand, and sustaining an audience who will help expand your content.

What is a link? How do you obtain backlinks? Let’s start with the basics;

What is a backlink?

A backlink or external link is an HTML hyperlink pointing from one website to another, or it is the action taken to increase external links pointing to content on a given site. 

The internet uses backlinks as a currency of transaction in the way of; if many backlinks point back to your website as an authority, your search engines rates shoot high rating you as an authority. 

If you wish to increase your site’s ranking in search results or increase your brand awareness, linking is a proven way of achieving both targets.

Why is Link Building Important?

Your site’s ranking will go high in search results if the quality of your links is excellent. The number of backlinks translates into the importance of your site pages. It means people find your content very useful and that you can be a trusted source because logically people won’t link to insecure web pages.

 This in brief is your endorsement. Link building is an essential tool for your site if you are serious about search engine optimization.

Links will make your site authoritative and relevant. They are endorsements of your content to new and potential clients. Your consistency in the creation of more content with quality links will rank you as an authority in the field of operation and thus keep coming back for more content.

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How to build links for your SEO

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Having discussed what link building is and why it is essential, we now dive into how you can create quality links for your site.

Link building comes in several formats but your main aim should be consistently matching your link campaigns to your company objectives or goals.

Use your clients’ or partner links

Partners or clients you frequently work with and are sure they are satisfied with your services and brand can earn you links easily. You may send out partnership graphic designs relevant and courteous basing on your kind of connection with them.

Alternatively you could offer to write testimonials of their products and either of these suggestions could be published on their websites and insert links connecting back to you.

Stand out remarkably

This is one way of attracting attention from bloggers, the press and generally lure the media to your side. This is an unbeatable way of earning links. You could choose to give back to the community or a charity cause or participate in a controversial topic within your society at the moment. Giving an opinion that stands out and yet respectful will pull traffic to you.

SEO is all about having a digital presence or representation for your brand among the masses so you have to endeavor to make a prominent brand to reach these heights.

Build a relationship with your local community

This can be done in several ways like;

  •  Donating to causes
  • Joining small local business associations
  • Offering scholarships and sponsorships for students and or adults
  • Offering internships and post job posts available in your company
  • Having local competitions and deliver your products as awards for winners. Etc.

This will amaze you with quality and valuable links for your site which will in turn boost your SEO ranking.

Consistent blogs

Google engineers recommend blogging as one of the practical and valuable ways of building links. This content can ably contribute brand new material if done consistently and you can also earn interaction on the web consequently acquiring links and mentions from other blogs. 

However, it is essential that you desist from low-quality content on your site for the sake of increasing mentions, invest in quality and authentic information at all costs. 

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Constantly upgrade your top content

You must be aware of the material that earns you the most traffic ie where your visitors seem to stay longer and is the source of your high conversions.

 This is test enough of consumer appreciation so it is wise to use the same content for your potential customers on other channels like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. to expand your scope of mentions.

You may also earn yourself useful links by dusting off old content on your site that seemed to have trusted links.

Take some time to update and republish the content on the same platform and let your clients know there is a new update.

Some sites could be using your images but without mentioning you as the source, take time to reach out to them and ask them to link back to you. This could also help increase your traffic primarily if the masses are relating to the images.

Be Unique and Authentic

It is crucial that you invest enough time in crafting uniquely customized and valuable email outreaches from the start as you build links. 

Nobody likes spammy emails so endeavor to make yours different and worth your potential client’s time and read.

The purpose of your emails is to generate response. The best way to achieve this is by making your message precise. You may want to personalize it to your reader’s level (do some research about them and find out what they do or their hobby), this will cause your reader to feel attached.

Provide value in your communication, let your reader know you are providing a solution to a problem they may know or not know they are experiencing.

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