Why You Should Invest In Digital Marketing

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Tech and Business Week

There is no doubt that technology has dramatically transformed the business scene in this age. From Big Data analytics, e-commerce, content marketing, social media etc. Digital transformation has caused a global disruption in how business is conducted.

You cannot stand still and look on while the disruption occurs lest you become obsolete. It is a time for hyper and active alteration, you need to start responding to new questions like; How do you thrive in this digital disruption era instead of merely surviving? 

Culture is a vital issue, and it will influence how you achieve individual potential and value, mind-sets have to be transformed.

Your clients, employees, partners, stakeholders etc. have to comprehend the need for a change, and this does not stop here, it cuts across to the society as well.

According to a study, investment in digital technology is anticipated to shoot to two trillion dollars ($2 Trillion), and companies are working around the corner to stay abreast with the development. 

Read more about the report here.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

 Digital marketing is affordable

 Traditionally, only already established companies have the resources to facilitate advertising on radios, Televisions, Print media etc. which puts the small and medium-size business at a disadvantage since they cannot fairly compete.

With a rise of a digital transformation however, there is not much spending needed, it is affordable for all business levels and is one way of saving as you capture leads.

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All businesses compete on the same range, and most advertising means are convenient for example if you opt to use Pay-Per-click (PPC), you have an advantage of choosing a rate equivalent to what best suits your company’s budget.

The downside to this option, however, is that a more prominent company will pay a higher amount and get more benefits than your company. 

Nevertheless, if you partner with a qualified marketing agency, they will usually work within your budget to enable you to achieve your goal without any strain.

Helps you track your marketing results

You can easily track the effectiveness of your marketing with digital marketing which will in turn help you realize which strategy is getting you the desired results and where a change is required.

This is advantageous in a way that unlike the traditional methods of marketing, whichever mode you use to run a campaign has accurate means for you to track progress.

For example, if you are using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google analytics will help you monitor the success of your campaigns.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. also have tracking systems that enable you to have timely reports on how you are faring on the market, from conversions, shares, follows, clicks etc., plus giving you a glimpse into what strategies your competitors are using.

You can directly address your customers

For your marketing campaign to be successful, you have to be communicating to the right audience, the people who find your services and products valuable to their needs.

Explicit targeting is what digital marketing gets you as it sieves out your right customers basing on specs chosen by you, for example, using SEO enables you to define your target based on interests, age, variations, gender, occupation etc.

You can now budget effectively with an idea of who you are targeting and what their needs are consequently earning valuable leads for your business.

Enables you to manage your conversion rate

Your ability to address the right audience and specific leads will double your chance of earning conversions. This is one of the most significant advantages of digital marketing, managing and improving your conversion rate.

When your focus narrows down to people interested in your company, your strategy revolves around meeting their needs which also saves you the time and dissipated energy in blind targeting hoping to catch at least some peoples’ attention.

It is the quickest way to make an impact on your customers

Usually, internet users log in and start researching for particular products or services that fit their needs, this is the right time for you to leave an impact and if done well, you will earn yourself conversions.

You require this customer to prefer you over your competitor and with digital marketing, you can access and communicate with people right from the start of their shopping journey.

If your company offers the product they are looking for, directing them to your page is the wise thing to do. If they find what they were searching for, this leaves a positive mark.

 Redirecting them to your page exposes your brand to these people and even if they do not convert right away, the positive mark will earn you a word of mouth marketing and will undoubtedly choose you over your competitor the next time they need your services.

You can easily/conveniently make updates

Unlike the traditional methods of marketing where once a flyer or billboard is up, no changes can be made until the campaign is done, digital marketing enables you to have as many updates as you wish.

You can update your content on social media, edit your PPC campaigns, and optimize your SEO campaigns whenever at no extra cost. This means you can adjust your campaign to foster the best results.

Why should you invest in digital transformation?

Irrespective of what trade your business operates, embracing the latest trends of technology for your company is vital. As already mentioned above, experts indicate by 2022, two trillion dollars will be invested in digital transformation as the future.

If the benefits above do not convince you enough to have a complete shift in your business culture, here are some reasons as to why you should invest in digital marketing, with statistics to drive the point home;

The Influence of Digital Marketing

According to the World Demographic Profile 2018, more than fifty per cent (50%) of the world’s population is under the age of thirty (30), this means that the community has more millennials and they are no doubt the most significant internet users.

There is no better way to appeal to this young generation than investing in digital transformation. 

Also, reports indicated that by 2020, forty-seven per cent of all revenue would be digitally influenced. Now that we are in 2021 and given the pandemic’s effect on the economy it is better to embrace the power of digital marketing if you plan to maintain relevance on the market,.

Experts have revealed that thirty-nine per cent (39%) of today’s marketers intend to reallocate their available budgets to digital channels in a bid to cut on the overall market spending.

Pexel image

About the Consumer Culture

By 2016, video was already making up seventy per cent (70%) of the total global internet traffic and is expected to have risen to eighty per cent (80%) by 2020.

Today, people hunger for video content, and it is no longer YouTube that provides this option alone as was, traditionally, apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat etc. increased video views as consumed content.

Facebook also has live video option, and marketers across the globe are taking advantage of this trend to reach out to their customers. 

Still, your content has to be valuable, and of quality otherwise, your video will be scrolled over for the next one.

Additionally, there is no doubt this generation is addicted to their phones, and it is no longer shocking to find people in one room with all their heads bent into their phones and no verbal communication amongst them whatsoever.

report indicates that an average phone user checks their mobile phone one hundred and ten times in a day translating into three-point six hours spent on the phone daily. 

Generally, you spend a whole twenty-four hours (entire day) on your phone every week, and sixty-one per cent of these users confess to sleeping off with their cell phones in hand or next to their bed.

This goes to indicate the rate at which you can stimulate your business growth and visibility by investing in mobile-friendly applications and social media content on a daily- if you target to do so.

It is vivid that digital marketing is the future and investing in this trend is the sustainable way of maintaining the success and relevance of your company on the market.

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