School Shenanigans: Running Butt Naked With Head In A Bucket

Today I take you down memory lane with me to a school on a hill, Bishop Kivengere Girl’s school, Muyebe located in the Western Region of Uganda, Kabale (also known as the Switzerland of Uganda or so we were taught in Geography.) This is where I did my four year lower secondary school (equivalent to GCE) and this is a little peek at what it was like;

Some days we woke up so early to peel sweet potatoes in the kitchen if it was your turn but we mostly ate them ‘live’ over loud laughter and gossip, throwing shade at each other while the morning mist and cloud shifted-we unknowingly experienced winter lol we even kept some of this biribwa as they call it here, in our pockets for break time snack. If you were a prefect or were a friend to one, you could eat your raw potatoe/kiribwa with milk tea but anyways, some of us were just humbled.

I also have no problem showering cold water today no matter the weather because no amount of coldness in this city compares to the one we grew up experiencing in that hilly area. The kind that left your limbs feeling numb and mist that gave your hair temporary white tint with an overflow on your eyebrows and lashes. It is hilarious to imagine now! Some mornings were too cold and we slept in which meant running late for everything and having your name written in the ‘punishmenters book‘ lol. Your names would be read out at assembly on Friday and some of the punishments would include carrying buckets/basins of marram ranging from five onwards depending on the frequency of one’s appearance in the book that same day.

To escape this, if the bell found you in the bathrooms which were next to the matron’s house and was also the only way back to the dorm, some girls would cover their heads with their buckets and fly past her window naked and pray she has not registered your bums’ ID by then. We had towels yeah, but she would sometimes sneak in the open roofed bathroom area from behind and peep to see who was in, who needs the towel then when you have a bucket! How we always blindly run off to our respective dorms like this, only God knows.

While in either year two or three, we were given a new chemistry teacher if my memory serves me right but I remember he was really small and looked malnourished. We also had one crazy girl, Brenda a.k.a Baino who gave this teacher restless class times-to our joy! Science subjects were made compulsory in our year yet some of us were looking forward to dropping them off and going fully art, with this door closed, we devised means to survive the CH things and others of the like. I honestly crammed my way out of these messy equations and surprised myself by passing!

Back to Baino, this particular class happened to be on Valentines day and after break- perfect timing! She picked some flowers from the compound and came with one of those white cloths we used to cover our metallic suit cases with, from the dormitory. She laid this cloth on the teacher’s table and nicely put the flowers in a blue plastic cup and quickly run to her desk and we all held our breaths waiting to see the teacher’s reaction- children!

I can reliably confirm that it ended in tears! At least we had no chemistry class for that mid morning, that is me looking on the bright side today.

I am not quite sure whether it was every day or every Sunday morning of every term for the four years at the school but I know that this prayer which pops up in my mind some mornings as soon as I open my eyes is as a result of that habit. Clothed in our neatly pressed white shirts, blue skirts and grey sweaters (some really didn’t really give a hoot about ironing as long as they had their uniform on that was enough), we filled up the dining hall benches and at some point, with some napping, others catching up on gossip and the rest just sited there because this was not optional, this prayer was chorused;

Oh Lord,

We thank you for the gift of a new day,

Defend us we pray,

Against all harm.

Direct our thoughts speech and actions,

That in our works and worship, we may be pleasing before you.

In Jesus’ name we pray,

Amen! ….(The tongue speaking, devil chasing and all high on Jesus brown lady Chaplain adds other things here)

Today this prayer makes more sense but I also still wonder why they used to feed on us beans with paraffin…!

Till next Tuesday,

I am the Sparrow.

14 thoughts on “School Shenanigans: Running Butt Naked With Head In A Bucket

  1. Oh girl! Gone are the days and I must say all my memories about school days have been reflected as I read through. I am not going to judge you because that is the role God never give to someone but you were so stubborn and naughty by the look of things๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
    The fun that comes with being in a single school, nicknaming teachers and one more, that one stubborn and funny students always responsible for drama in school. I must say I was one.
    Thanks for sharing and I need to also paint my school memories her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved mischief but did not at all look like that person so I always got away with it lol. Nope you csn’t judge me but imma do just that when you school memories get to these streets ๐Ÿ™‚
      I appreciate you dropping by my hood, cheers.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Heey Udeh! I can only imagine what a Queen of mischief would come up with hahahaa, it is soo beautiful to look back at and laugh our heads off though. What’s life without some adventure, right! Cheers, I appreciate you dropping by


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