This Is What Makes Me Happy

It is the last day of the 21 days blogging challenge and the team chose to crown it with having us share things that make us happy! If you want to make me happy, here you go;

Chicken Pizza with Pineapples

Internet image

This pizza really tickles me and it is one of those things I am looking forward to hugging so tight after the lock-down, if someone/ anyone out there can be kind enough to send it with Jumia to my village, I promise not to complain about walking the 6km to pick it, besides it will probably be done by the time I reach home.

I am a foodie but I love pizza most!!

My sweet baby

Mackayla makes me so happy, she transformed my whole world when she came. Anyone who knows me can attest that having her was like a rebirth for me.

This is the best gift heaven could ever give me. I no longer know what alone feels like, this girl will follow me everywhere including sitting outside the bathroom door till I come out.

I love how she looks up at me with beaming eyes and says, ‘aw you?’ (how are you?) then I pick her up and respond, ‘I am fine thanks sweetie, how are you?’ She goes like ‘an‘ (fine).


I like to book a seat by the window on a bus or even a private car so I can have some air but also to see random things and just observe people. Random things like people laughing, or someone singing loudly to music in their headsets or just those holding hands get my attention…

The process of ascending into the clouds reminds of what a small space I occupy on the planet and how even the tallest and biggest buildings dissolve into nothingness before my eyes, I am reminded to be humble. Also, the white and blue clouds, the setting sun reminds me of God’s magnificence and excellence.

Any Source of Laughter

It is advised to do something fun everyday, I love having me some good laughter and this I do all the time. I will either watch one of those comedy episodes on YouTube or a movie that has that in plenty or call up my people.

Anyways my thoughts are crazy too so I laugh at my self in disbelief sometimes and spending all this time with family, I now realize it flows in blood. My Dad’s speech is so hilarious but he maintains a cool face like he has no clue about what he just said and my sister Angel, she laughs the most!

My latest source of laughter is Twitter, this street is not for the weak hearted!


I think being able to love and be loved in return is one of those beautiful things every human being should experience on earth.

I have been successfully confused by a kind man with a dimple and his eyes, his eyes tell a different story.

Has someone ever loved you to a point of making you suspicious? To the lovers in the house, this is my dedication to you (radio effect, we are always sending shout outs and dedicating songs);

Oh, don’t you need somebody

Baby I wanna, I wanna know

To keep you up all night…

Check out the full song here

RedOne ft. Enrique Iglesias, Aseel and Shaggy | Don’t You Need Somebody

Under love, family is a whole other experience, I am grateful for mine and friends that make this place a better place to live.


What is my life without music! There is never a dull moment with us together and if you want me to get any house chore done perfectly, give me music, I might even scrub the roof.

Silently, I intend to have speakers wired in every room of the house especially the bathroom and bed room- and all said amen.


Mount Elgon

A setting sun, a full moon, a blue sky, stars, chirping birds, forests etc, all these have a way of speaking to my soul. I notice them and smile, I might not ably explain this attachment to you but they make me happy.

I love working on radio and talking to imaginary people, I love children, shopping and oh boots, they make me so smiley!

Primary source: Conversations with my creator

Now all the above and more are secondary sources of my happiness, if it is not coming from within it’s temporary.

Talking to my creator is the primary source of my happiness. It sets the pace for my day, it completes me and even on a rainy day, I have a steady hope.

I get asked quite often if I ever get angry or sad, that there is the answer. I have learnt to be careless in his care, that is my trick otherwise I am human and go through the motions too.

Thank you Uganda Blogging Community for this challenge, it has been awesome a journey. Please give us some more!

I am the Sparrow

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