My Fondest Childhood Memory

This 21 days blogging challenge has successfully walked me to different places and exposed me as well. I have walked to my future, my present and today I get to take you with me to my childhood, let’s see what story we can find.

It is day 20 and this is my fondest childhood memory;

I do not remember whether I was in high school or before that but I know that Dad (Mzee) had sent my big brother Hillary and I to the village, Mbarara (Western part of my country- Uganda) to check on some projects or land, something like that.

Now, when people hear of Mbarara I think what comes to mind is the beautiful long horned cattle, women who are ‘naturally endowed with assets’ (like some of us don’t belong smh) and as labeled, a hilly land flowing with milk and honey.

During most school holidays, Mzee always put us on the bus from Kabale, where we were staying then to the village just to check on the old folks and know our heritage generally. My grandfather’s house was on a hill and the only means of transport uphill was ‘feet‘ so a vehicle would drop us in the valley and we had to climb that hill with our luggage. We always got there sweaty, panting and out of breath.

Back to the point: This day it had rained and it was very slippery yet we had to go up the hill. I was literally crawling upwards and gripping onto grass for support. My brother seemed to have a steady footing so he let out his hand for me to hold and said;

“Hold my hand and we see how to get up there, if we slip and fall, we shall both go tumbling down.

On our way back he did the same, held my hand and got us safely down. This might be just a minor thing or statement but I do not think anyone had ever made me feel this safe and protected before. It has been years really and I doubt my brother remembers this but they say you can never forget how a person made you feel.

This memory lives on with me and I think it is the best thing that happened to my childhood, the rest will be found in my memoir I hope to share at 50 years.

Hillary has never let my hand go till now. He is the same brother that taught me how to change a diaper and find the right clothes for the right weather for Mackayla. He also gave me a big sister, Mouna!

Everyone should have a Mouna in their life time, she is a complete package. My life would be such a mess without these two.

I often tell my friends that I would prefer they send my roses over to me while I can still smell them and say all those nice things to me while I can still hear them.

This blog is a bouquet of fresh red roses to my big brother, Hillary and his beautiful wife, Mouna. I love you and thank you for holding my hand, even at my worst.

I am the Sparrow.

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