Dreaming In Color 2: I Won the Lottery!

It is Day 17 of the UGBlogMonth challenge and the topic is: If you won the lottery.

The thought of me waking up to insane lots of money say UGX 100 billion, hectic! I can see myself developing the habit of walking and chewing gum at the same time. What a skill! This amount is making me laugh at my wild imagination.

Funny enough, I am a believer and with God anything is possible, but I think when my head sees this amount, it edits that scripture to some things are possible (we call this a poverty mentality- help my unbelief Lord).

Right Confession: I shall make this money and not be in shock it is in my names in Jesus name! Somebady say hallellujah!

Okay, so let me get into character of my billionaire self, this money has the following budget- already.

1. The Charity Organisation
I already shared about my dream of sending 500 kids to school and also have a home for the abandoned babies. Part of this money would go here and in setting up  structures for this to run.

2. My Auntie
There is a lady that has mothered me and I am glad she knows I love her and would do anything for her.

I would buy some good land for her with a fully furnished house on it and space for her to do some gardening, she loves this. I would also invest in and expand her restaurant business.

3. My Parents
I would sponsor a 2 weeks fully paid trip to either Dubai or Malaysia just for them to stop a bit and relax. A vacation of sorts for them.

While they are away, I would furnish their house and pimp it up to surprise them on their return. Dad wants things done a certain way, I am clearly an edited version of him but I would love to see the look on his face  when he sees the changes mostly because he wouldn’t undo it, he would just have to love it!

Alternatively, I could sell his beloved car and replace it with another and he would kill me for it! They have a sentimental attachment- boys and their toys!

4. Myself
I would buy chunks of land away from the city- it’s cheaper there and fully start farming. The harvest would then feed the kids in my organization and bring in more money for further investing. The bigger kids will not survive getting their hands dirty at the farm every holiday.

I would also buy more goats, and add cows, invest in my jewelry and lingerie business and construct me my dream house.

The rest will go to my little girl, Mackayla’s fixed account for her future expenses like school, medication and general well being and…oh! My friends and siblings would be spoilt to the dot.

I end this with a smile imagining all the things money can do. We need it, may God fill and bless us with ideas, resources, creativity and wisdom to make wealth. Amen

I am the Sparrow.

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