Dreaming in Color: My Trip To 2030

I am writing this as a way of escape for me especially in this lock-down. This is me stepping out of my box and letting my mind wander off to the places I want to be, taking a walk by the water side hand in hand with my dreams watching the sun set, feeling the evening breeze on my skin.

I am opening my heart’s eyes to the could and should be’s of my being and I hope that ten years later when I wake up  I will be in this exact place and maybe, a little better than I hoped…the holy pages say

‘Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think‘ (Ephesians 3:20 NLT)…

And so I dream.

I really would love to start up a charity organisation and send some disadvantaged children to school and also have a home for the abandoned babies, just a place they can call home and feel like they belong. I have a dream to empower women too especially those in rural areas with knowledge of their rights and skills to make money and earn a living.

To achieve this, I will need money and this is why I am staying up all night some times, reading as much as I can and thinking of the best possible ways to legally make money and make this dream come alive. I am daily bettering me for them.

In 2030, these structures will be in place and 500 children at least will be getting direct/indirect help from ‘Joy’s Foundation‘ (Intended name withheld just in case someone gets ideas and I lose it). I already have two I am paying for and 53 to be sponsored, that leaves 445 to go.

I should be on my 4/5th published book then and having my weekly podcasts produced from my own home studio. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just sound proofed, a good microphone, computer and a proper sound system. The interior will be designed to feel like home and inviting, just enough space to have a guest where need be and also double as my prayer room.

I will also be the coolest mom to three children in total and done done, the factory will be closed to any further manufacturing process- okay not entirely. God help your Adam…and control this Eve!

The rest is comedy, but I will be such a wealthy woman and this time round, I will no longer be serving in the secret service of God’s Kingdom. I will be in the Public service.

Take a trip to 2030 too, dreaming is free. Failing to plan is planning to fail so you better be going somewhere.

I also believe it is easier to stay on a path once you know where you are headed, the weather might occasionally slow your journey down but the desire to hit the goal should be better than the comfort of giving up or settling for average just because it’s comfortable.

It is #Day15 of #UgBlogMonth and my task was to write about myself in 10 years. Dreaming is part of my being. Sometimes, I scare my neighbors and myself too, I had fun with this.

I am the Sparrow. 

6 thoughts on “Dreaming in Color: My Trip To 2030

  1. God is gonna make all this to happen and much more! Multiply it by 10. This is too small for you!!!! I feel like prophesying… You are accending on high. The world will never know you. God is giving you nations.. yes..they will bow before you. FLY!!!!!!!!!

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