If I Could Have Any Job In The World, This Is It

If I was to have any job in the world what would it be and why? This is what #Day14 of the #UgBlogMonth will be about today, read on.

I would have to choose from being a lawyer, Radio host, Television News Anchor, Author and Heading a charity organisation- helping disadvantaged children and women in rural areas.


I hold a law degree and if I was to activate this part of my system settings, I would be either in the Criminal Investigations Department or in human rights defending the rights of women and children.

From when I was a child, Investigative movies, novels and stories always got me and they still do. I watched Inspector Derrick religiously even though I didn’t quite understand the whole script, it was just fun.

I am also a huge fan of the Black List featuring yours truly ‘Raymond Reddington (James Spader)’, ’24’, ‘Nikita,’ etc..I have been quite busy lately and have not managed to watch another series although Money Heist is largely talked about.

How good is it? Have you watched it yet?

Radio Host/ Television News Anchor

Me in studio

This is the reason I am not a lawyer. I started working on radio as a part-time job while in law school then got into television and later news anchoring.

By the time I graduated, I was deeply into media and if I must confess, this is the one thing I will do and feel so complete. It is a passion that consumes me from within.

This also the reason I went for a Masters in Media, PR and Communications. I love people, I love connecting with them and the microphone is that channel for me.

If I am not on radio, I will be singing or emceeing.

Just hand me the mic, I will make your heart smile.

My dream is to end up on the BBC. CNN’S Christiane Amanpour is that woman I wish to retire as in this life if I continue on this path. Dreams…


I love writing and reading. I am convinced that blogging is the start of a dream unfolding. Still rusty and bumpy but there is progress and I have something in store for me. Am I the only one who does this to self?

This should explain my obession for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and John Grisham

Own a Charity Organisation

My heart beats for disadvantaged children and women especially in rural areas of my country- Uganda. As already mentioned, if I was to become a lawyer, it would be either criminal or defending the rights of children and women.

I already volunteer for an NGO that takes disadvantaged children to schools and provides their families with basic help needed like food and other household items.

Me with some of the children I was teaching Life Skills in a rural school in the East.

There are many organisations set up for charity globally and I am appreciative of these individuals. I intend to join them and send 100 children to school and increase that number progressively- God willing.

I don’t see myself being separated from any of these, they are the core of my being. If I was to do one as the main job, I will be doing the rest in the background. I might not be running up and down the court room in that gown but the charity organisation I intend to start up, has basic legal literacy for women in their local language as part of my objectives.

When I retire from the media I will end up in my own home studio doing podcasts, still reaching out to people and reminding them to live their best each day, to keep rising up after a fall, that Jesus is Lord now and forever and, that they are loved.

Even after my last breath, there should be enough recordings to last some time and ink in my authored books to carry my voice on.

I have a dream!

I am the sparrow.

10 thoughts on “If I Could Have Any Job In The World, This Is It

      1. She is bigger than CNN, when left them and went to I think NBC and they went after her she proved it

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  1. Hi, kudos for being such a multi-faceted personality. The sky is the limit for you. May you achieve the success that you strive for. I also blog and am a freelance voice over artist other than following the routine of a nine to five job.
    Thanks and much appreciated for sharing!

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