10 Things I wish I knew Before I started Blogging

It is #Day12 of #UgBlogMonth and my task is to write 10 things I wish I knew before I started blogging and they are explained below;

1. Comparison will cripple you.

For so long I convinced myself that my writing was not good enough to see the light of day why? Because the novels, books and articles I wrote seemed so perfect and I wondered if I could ever be like the authors.

My first blog was not my original work, I copied someone’s work and tried to personalize it but things ‘jam’ , I published it anyways- I don’t like dying in my own movie. It’s one of those I mentioned  to have deleted out of embarrassment in one of my blogs.

All the colors of the rainbow are different but together they make one complete beautiful piece, we are uniquely gifted. I now write like I know how to, I flow from within and there is a freedom to it.

If you are reading this and struggle with insecurity and fear of not being good enough at whatever thing you feel so passionate about, please know you are uniquely created and there is a reason for that burning desire in your heart.

Look at what others in that space are doing not to cripple your confidence but to learn from them and to also enjoy the diversity of skills, talents and imagine how beautiful the rainbow is with all its many colors.

2. The only way to start writing is to start

I kept telling myself that I will start writing when I am ready but I never really did get ready, years went by. The only way out is to just do it and do it now, stop procrastinating.

The Law of diminishing intent states; “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.”

3. Perfection is obtained over time not right away

From my experience up there, you can tell I wanted to have a skill that someone had mastered over ten years in one day. I wanted to start at the top, we all start by crawling before we can walk and eventually run. It is a process, allow yourself to go and grow through it.

4. Challenge yourself to grow, be your own competitor

I included my blog in my top 7 favorite ones because I know where I started from and  much as I am not yet perfect, I am not where I started from. I still want more for me, I am following people that are better than me, building connections just to learn as much as I can and improve this skill.

5. Where do you get topics to write about?

This is one of the things I was afraid of. What if after two articles I have no more to write what happens? Where do people get things to write about every day?

I recently found out that writers are creatives too. Your brain is wired to create stories out of your daily experiences/environments. You just have to let it wander off and quietly follow it with a pen and paper or a keyboard.

It might wander off to a particular direction many times, maybe that is where your passion lies, pay more attention. We all having things that get us e.g. travel, children, nutrition, health, education, coaching etc. Fall in love with your passions.

7. Relate with your audience

If you were the one reading your own piece would you go past the first paragraph? It is easy to just write for the sake of getting something done but if your articles do not make sense to you then they don’t make sense at all.

What information do people want to consume in a given period? For example, I lean more into inspirational writings and so in this season, I look at my daily struggles, fears and thoughts and imagine some one out there going through the same.

I might not have a solution per se but I will write to say; ‘hey, you are not alone I am also going through the same thing as you here, let’s keep the hope up, we are going to be okay. Just one day at a time.’

8. Be simple

I once read this online; If your message does not make sense to a child, then it will probably not make sense to anyone. If I knew that a message is not defined by the weight of the words used, I would have started writing earlier and not pass time trying to unsuccessfully make my vocabulary heavy.

9. Constancy

Pablo Picasso; ‘I am always learning that which I cannot do in order to learn how to do it.’

There is magic in being consistent at something. I have seen my child evolve right before eyes from rolling all over the house to moving on her tummy, crawling, standing and then the walking bit. I do no know how many times she fell in a day and got injured yet she kept going till she ‘successfully completed each level.’

This goes for every area of our lives I believe. ‘You can tell where someone is going by watching what they do every day.’

Remember to develop your gift to the zenith of its potential in your life.

10.Get over yourself

Roger Van Oech: ‘If we never tried anything that might make us look ridiculous, we’d still be in caves.’

Your very first blog will not be that perfect because you are learning and since you are learning, you will have all sorts of questions even those that might come off stupid.

Richard Thalheimer says ‘it is better to look uninformed than to be uninformed.’ Curb your ego and keep asking questions besides, “all life is an experiment and the more experiments the better” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This is how you grow.

This, is basically what I wish I knew from start but if you are wondering where/how to start at anything, surely one of these 10 should get you into motion.

I am the Sparrow.




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